"Three Wise Monkeys" print
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

"Three Wise Monkeys" print

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by Benjamin Dobbs

 11 x 16" numbered, limited edition, prints on acid free paper.

The original "Three Wise Monkeys" was a stippling taken from a photograph of the artists uncle and his uncles 2 cousins.

Benjamin Dobbs was born on June 19th, 1984 in Fort Smith, AR.  He is a local barista and a third-generation artist through his mother’s side.  At the age of 5 his work was selected for The Barrett and Cissi Hamilton’s Young Arkansas Artists Competition and Exhibition held in The Arkansas Arts Center in 1990.  Growing up he enjoyed trying different mediums but being slightly colorblind he tended to favor working in black and white.  In high school he discovered stippling was a technique within the pen and ink medium he particularly favored.  His work has been displayed in The Arkansas Arts Center, The Fort Smith Art Center, Eye Candy Gallery, and The Gallery at Brunwick.