"The Bottle" print on canvas
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

"The Bottle" print on canvas

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Richard V. Goetz (1915-1991)

  • Thin Gallery Wrap (0.75”)
  • Border Color: Black
  • Size: 11 x 14"

Though he was born in Tennessee, Richard Goetz spent most of his childhood and professional life in Oklahoma. It was there he made a home for his family of six children with his artist wife Edith, whom he met at the Art Students League.

Richard Goetz worked as a professional artist and teacher for over 50 years, winning many awards including the McDonough and Purchase Awards at the Butler Institute, Youngstown, Ohio; Best in Show at the Great Plains Museum; and Gold Medals at the Oklahoma Art Center and the American Artist Professional League Grand National.

Specializing in highly refined still life compositions, Goetz’s work was exhibited at many prominent galleries including Fenn Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Grand Central Art Galleries in New York. His work is included in public collections including The Oklahoma Art Center, which purchased a collection of Goetz’s oils, watercolor, drawings and graphics for its permanent collection in 1979.

A distinguished teacher, Goetz was co-owner of the Malden Bridge School of Art in upstate New York and for many years was a member of the faculty of the Art Students League, New York City.