"Still Life" print on canvas
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

"Still Life" print on canvas

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Leonard Wren

  • Thin Gallery Wrap (0.75”)
  • Border Color: Black
  • Size: 16 x 20"

An Inspired American Impressionist Capturing the joy of light and life. The paintings of Leonard Wren emanate his sincere joy for life and the beauty of the world around him. Finding infinite beauty and inspiration in the everyday world, Wren paints intimate scenes with grace and eloquence. He is able convey, without embellishment, the subtle beauty in scenes often overlooked by others.

The subjects in Leonard Wren’s paintings – swans at rest, ordered gardens, bright riots of wildflowers – lead you to believe that the painter spends most of his time peacefully surveying idyllic, nonexistent places. But in fact, it’s the everyday world that provides Wren’s inspiration. When Wren discovered Impressionism, specifically the work of Monet, he “began to see in a totally new way.” Despite having a young family to support, Leonard decided to pursue a career as an artist. He sought out a teacher who could help him learn to paint light and color, and every week for a year traveled from his home in Tulsa to Oklahoma City to study with Richard and Edith Goetz. He quickly reached a point in his career where he was able to concentrate his efforts on his love of painting. In 1976, about a year after he began painting, Leonard closed his commercial design business, which he had owned and operated since 1964. After just a few years of painting, his inherent ability positioned Leonard as one of the leading American Impressionists.

Wren lives in Claremore, OK and is the owner of Wren Studios, Inc.