RAM 75th Anniversary Magnet
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

RAM 75th Anniversary Magnet

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Magnet is metal, 3 x 5"

About the RAM 75th Logo Design Winner

Nathaniel Easley

We knew from the beginning, that the RAM 75th Anniversary logo had to be special. After reaching out to UAFS Associate Professor of Graphic Design, Colin McLain, it was decided that the students in his class would each create a special event logo for RAMs 75th Anniversary, and the 75th Anniversary Committee and Executive Director would choose a winner to be used as our Anniversary logo. After review the amazing work done by McLain’s class, the winning logo was designed by artist Nathaniel Easley!

Nathaniel Easley is a recent graduate from the University of Fort Smith. Easley states, “Growing up, I always had my eye on design and pushed my boundaries. In my later years, I had the opportunity to grow and hone my craft with my colleagues and the skilled professors at UAFS. In my design for the RAM anniversary logo, I based the illustration on the International Typographic Style. I chose this aesthetic for its clean design and its significance in the artistic world. I believe that each work of art has a story to tell and it's my job to be the narrator.”