"Patchy Fog" lithograph
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

"Patchy Fog" lithograph

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Numbered, limited edition, offset lithographs printed on acid free paper, by John Bell, Jr. (1937-2013)

Image size 21 x 26” 

The Joseph Knoble Brewery is a historic beer brewery building at North 3rd and "E" Streets. Built in the early 1850s, it is a three-story stone building, with an extension beside that originally housed a large beer vault. The main beer production facility was on the third floor, and the first floor originally housed a tavern. The area next to the main building where the vault was located was eventually filled in, with a beer garden built on top of it. It is the only known surviving example of a mid-19th century brewery in the state. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.  - Courtesy of National Park Service – National Register Information System

“As a child I was shown how to draw stick figures to keep me entertained while my mother went about her chores. This sparked a fascination with the arts that has lasted throughout my lifetime and taken me through several professional careers: illustrator, product designer and fabric designer to name a few.

Although I have visited our country from coast to coast, I was born and raised in Arkansas. I have a keen appreciation for the beauty of our state and the character of her people; and as a result, most of my paintings consist of AR scenery and turn of the century AR cityscapes. Old postcards, early photographs and on-site photography are part of the research into each composition. All of these elements are combined to capture a moment in time that you can almost remember, even though you may have never been there.”

The Department of Arkansas Heritage, quote by John Bell, Jr.