Monica Moore "Fiery in the Whole"
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

Monica Moore "Fiery in the Whole"

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Monica Moore, Pastel on paper, 14 x 17”

One aspect of my art involves a layered approach to digital photography. My digital art begins with a photograph of a floral arrangement. I then edit the image, save the edit, edit again, often with a different software program, and so on until unexpected colors and patterns begin to emerge. Sometimes the final version is still recognizable as a flower, but not always. In either case, my artistic rendering pushes the audience because the flower explodes and evolves to include imagery beyond what the naked eye normally sees.

Another art form I’ve explored begins where the first leaves off. Using my digitally enhanced photograph as my inspiration, I often render an abstract impression of the flower in oil pastel. Painting an impression of the photographic image is another way to move the audience beyond ordinary perception. In the end, these oil pastels are the culmination of the continuous play between the natural world and its technological representation.