Monica Moore "Pink Poppy"
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

Monica Moore "Pink Poppy"

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Acrylic on sheet. 12 x 12" gallery wrap

Monica Moore

My fascination with Martha Stewart led me to my most recent obsession: collecting vintage, mass-produced bed sheets and linens. For me, domestic goods symbolize an under-valued, technologized art form, often created by nameless and (most likely) under rewarded artists, sold to commercial outlets, and marketed to middle class consumers.

In what I've come to call my "sheet art," my goal is to revalue these items and celebrate the artistry of those who originally created them. I isolate one particular part of the overall composition, stretch it on a canvas, and then paint directly on the sheet with acrylics so as to invite the viewer to remember, or at least recognize, its extraordinary beauty. This allows me to elevate the popularized domestic, mass-produced consumer good to a uniquely beautiful art form.

I hope that my artwork will allow you to have a fresh perspective on a world we all too often look past, don't see, or just take for granted.