Miniature Artwork Necklace - Rectangle
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

Miniature Artwork Necklace - Rectangle

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Necklace 22" long. Pendant 2" tall.

I’m an Arkansas Artist that finds inspiration in nature and nostalgia. My paintings and illustrations grow out of a love of my garden and the natural beauty around me combined with a compulsive habit of collecting old and abandoned items. I believe that some of our strongest feelings are stirred by the awe of nature and the connection to our past.

I believe that reviving the knowledge of craftsmanship and sustainable skills can bring everyone to a better understanding of what is important for an authentic, simpler, slower way of life. By ingraining these skills in our lives, I believe we can become better stewards, innovative problem solvers, and resourceful and creative citizens of the world. - Jeanetta Darley