Lisa Jan-Bohne Clay "Impressionist Sky with Signature J"
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

Lisa Jan-Bohne Clay "Impressionist Sky with Signature J"

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Oil on canvas, 14 x 11"

Lisa Jan-Bohne Clay

My art endeavors include continued study of the work of French Impressionists. I very much enjoy a sketchy quality of a painting that seems to bring energy and dramatic effect to a painting. I love strokes of pure color for vibrancy, that cannot be achieved with mixed color alone. At other times, I focus on the fluid quality of a painting for a more restful emotion. I apply various techniques of lighting as a complexity of reflections by the eye and reassembled by the mind during the process of perception. The lighting, the startling effect of paint strokes and a dramatic perspective are used to interpret landscapes, still life and groups of people. I have recently added texture to the visual experience of my paintings. Texture is added to strategic areas for emphasis and increased dramatic effect. After adding another layer of paint, I use a sanding technique to add to the “lived” look of the piece.