"Alvin Hotel" print
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

"Alvin Hotel" print

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Daniel Kerlin

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Image size 18 x 11.5”

Daniel Kerlin was born in Dayton, OH and moved to Fayetteville, AR when he was six years old. It was here in the small towns of Northwest Arkansas his interest in painting took root, settling on transparent watercolor as his medium of expression. Inspired by traditional painters such as Hopper, Homer and Rockwell, he has developed a unique style of painting to present his vision of our world.

The subject matter itself is an effort to record and celebrate those manmade objects that are extraordinarily commonplace, yet smack of uniqueness. The style is crisp, colorful and translucent. From a distance, we might mistake the paintings for photographs, but upon closer approach, we discover a bold interpretation of subject and exaggeration of color far different from photography. There is a graphic quality to many of Dan’s pieces, reflections, he says, of “the sign painter and cartoonist inside.” He asks that his work not be taken too seriously, but enjoyed.

Kerlin’s work has been exhibited in and won awards in numerous shows and competitions around the United States including Watercolor USA in Springfield, MO and the National Arts Club in New York. He is also a past member of the Louisiana Watercolor Society.