Akibi Art Necklace "Foss"
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

Akibi Art Necklace "Foss"

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Approx. 24.4" long, beads @.25" wide

Mireille Belinga

Originally from Cameroon in Central Africa, Mireille Gracia Belinga is a jewelry and apparel designer based in Fort Smith, AR, where she lives with her husband and 6 children. “My inspiration finds its source in Cameroonian women in particular and African women in general who are considered to be the backbone of local cultures; They are strong. It is that strength that I draw upon, reminiscing about the experiences I had with my grandmother and my mother who often, without significant financial means, managed to feed large families with the work of their hands. And this, always, with a smile that continuously spreads love and happiness around them. In my creations, there is a little of everything: beauty, desire, love, frustration, sorrow, but most importantly hope and thanks! It is a means of personal expression, but it is also aimed at showcasing the work done by others, especially those women, less fortunate than myself.”