"Fall Birch Trees" print on canvas
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

"Fall Birch Trees" print on canvas

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Sandra Dixon

  • Thin Gallery Wrap (0.75”)
  • Border Color: Black
  • Size: 10 x 10"

Throughout history, landscape artists traveled far in order to captivate nature’s fleeting beauty. Historical accounts find American landscapists such as Thomas Cole and Frederick Edwin Church insistent upon traveling both nationally and internationally for inspiration. Thomas Cole spent much of his time in Virginia, New York, and among Greek and Roman ruins while Frederick Edwin Church traveled to South America, enthralled with the rocky terrain. Many landscapists today follow their footsteps, gathering inspiration through travel, often leading to isolated regions in Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, and many rural and desolate areas. Inspiring many local artists with its expansive rivers, dense forests, sloping valleys, and monumental mountains is Arkansas. The Natural State enchants and encourages regional artists to explore their own region. Surrounded by lush forests and great rivers, Arkansas provides ecological diversity not found in many surrounding states. Artists no longer need to seek the rolling hills of Virginia or the grand waterfalls of New York for inspiration, as beauty is easily found within their home state.

An artist particularly inspired by natural beauty is Sandra Dixon. A Fort Smith, Arkansas local. She experiments in different ranges of color palettes, often adhering to earth and jeweled tones. Fall Birch Trees encapsulates the merging of interests in both her subject matter and color. Lit by a distant moon, the dark forest displays a haunting tale of isolation and beauty. The trees seem hyper-realistic as one is transported to a remote forest. The whimsical leaves found in both the background and foreground of the composition entice the viewer to consider the season. The leaves, turned from green to deep reds and oranges, nostalgically transport the viewer to a crisp, fall evening. Dixon’s work displays a space where viewers imbue their personal experiences upon the scene which Dixon has created. Sandra’s oeuvre often includes rolling hills, florals, enticing still-lives, and much more. If there was a particular artist that seemed to embrace concepts of regional art, it is be Sandra Dixon.