Shabana Kauser "Samina"
Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

Shabana Kauser "Samina"

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Oil on canvas, 5 x 5"

Shabana Kauser creates contemporary realistic oil paintings and mixed media work that are influenced by her shared experiences as the daughter of Pakistani immigrants, and as an immigrant to the United States. Her parents emigrated from Pakistan in the 1970s. She is a first-generation immigrant who lived in the UK for 30 years. In 2008, Shabana moved from London, UK, to the Fayetteville AR. Here, she discovered her passion for creating and this soon turned this into a full-time career. She has now exhibited her work throughout the US, and continues to connect with communities through her art. 

Her work explores memories of cultural, social, and economic transition. Her mother created traditional South Asian outfits for the Pakistani and Indian community in the UK, the inspiration for traditional fabrics stems for there. Through her descriptive realism in her portraits, and her heavy use of the traditional dupatta (scarf worn in South Asia), she shares not only her personal journey, but those of past, present, and future generations of immigrants.